The best way to treat a friend

In the beginning of every school year we spend time talking about the expectations we have in our class. To make this easier we use the word “agreements” and involve the entire class in the process. We all “agree” on specific things like, walking instead of running in our classrooms. We like to think that the process of agreement making creates a classroom culture that everyone feels a part of. 

Another important component of  creating this classroom culture is a strong foundation of kindness, and we all agree that treating each other with care and thoughtfulness is essential. It’s important because it’s how we ourselves would like to be treated.

This art project was done collectively from start to finish. The children painted, drew lines, cut and punched holes side by side. We had conversations about friendship and the best way to treat our friends.

We wrote what the children said about friendship on each strip of paper. 
The children then used chenille sticks to connect all of the strips together. 
They finished it by decorating this creation with beads and feathers. 

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