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I is for insect

We made finger print insects. The kids used their fingers and paint to make 3 body parts. With colored pencils they counted out 6 legs and 2 antennae.

Look for our insect book on the shelf in the yellow room.

Box City

We have been talking a lot about where people live. One day we decided to build a city out of boxes. The city went up instead of spreading out!  We made windows,balconies and power lines. We talked about things you find in a city  like doctors offices,grocery stores,movie theaters and schools. Kids+boxes=lots of fun and an awesome box city!

Where I Live

We learned that we all live on a planet called Earth. The Earth is made up of land and water. We live on land called a country. Our country is called the United States of America.

The U.S.A is divided up into states. Our state is called Florida. We call it the sunshine state. In our state there are many cities and towns. We live in Gainesville. Our house is in our town.
This was a great project that involved many steps, multiple concepts and many opportunities for fine motor development. We will be sending this project home with your child this week. Please take the time to talk to your child about where they live!

50 leaves

With some twine and a hole puncher we set out to see how many leaves we could string before lunch. The kids love the hole puncher and our playground has plenty of fallen leaves. The punching and the stringing are both great for helping with the development of fine motor skills. The kids just think it's fun! We hung our leaf garland between 2 trees and started counting. 50 leaves on a beautiful day.

Color Predictions

This week we made color predictions. The children were asked to pick two colors and "predict" what color they would  get when they mixed them together. Blue and yellow make green! Red and yellow make orange! Blue and red make purple!

This art work is hanging in our red room. Please have a look!

Happy Winter!

The children made their parents beautiful rainbows for the holidays. The first step was to draw their rainbow with magic marker on  burlap. With assistance they used a needle and embroidery thread to sew their rainbow.
They made tags for their gifts.
The gifts were wrapped in paper towel tubes covered in scrapbook paper.
We made festive winter  decorations using newspaper that the children painted.

Peace and Love in the new year!

Excellent E

We made the letter E! We put masking tape on water color paper in the shape of the letter E. Using squeeze bottles the children painted their E.
It was fun to see all the colors that can be made from red, blue and yellow. We took the tape off to discover our perfect E. The magic, excellent E! The Seniors learned how to write the letter E, upper and lower case.