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G is for Gratitude


I live in Florida

We live on a planet called Earth, in a country called the United States,  in a state called Florida. We traced maps of the United States and Florida The kids made an awesome map of town.It has roads and a park,a hospital and an airport.Everyone has a house they live in with their family.

Excellent Eggs!

Did you hatch from an egg? Children: "no"......lots of laughter. Silly question! What hatches from an egg? Children: "birds, dinosaurs, snakes, turtles, lizards and spiders!"
We made paper mache eggs and used tissue paper and paint to decorate them

Outside we made a big nest for our eggs.

The children talked about what kind of creature might be coming to sit on this giant nest. A big crazy looking bird?, a prehistoric dinosaur? It's fun to pretend.

D is for decorations or We Love Halloween!

We all worked together to make our Halloween party this year a great success. The children made all of the candy for our candy castle.
The lollipop forest Painting the castle The children made jack-o-lanterns out of paper bags.

Our spooky tree. Learning to write the letter D.