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The big day

What a lovely day for a Graduation ceremony. 

Getting ready for Graduation

Graduation is something we talk a lot about in the preschool. Our seniors start becoming very aware of the transition that will soon happen for them. Kindergarten is something they are looking forward to with excitement but it’s not without a bit of anxiety as well. We try to make plenty of time to talk about this transition with them. The actual motions of getting ready for Graduation itself is helpful. Weeks before the event we prepare physically and mentally.  While making caps, decorations, name tags and invitations we are preparing and as the day gets closer we find that our senior friends are ready not only for the ceremony itself, but for the transition to a new school as well. 

Children enter our preschool program at age Three. A few weeks before Graduation we put up pictures we took of them in the first weeks of their time here. They spent so much time looking at them, pointing each other out and exclaiming things about how cute they were or how someone looks so different now.…