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Light Catchers

We did a cool art project to put on our light table or hang in a window. We used flowers, contact paper and masking tape for around the edges.

More Fun With Light

Light is fascinating to children. It's abstract, something you can see but cannot touch. It's something they can manipulate but can't truly verbalize how or why. We are continuing to use our new overhead projector to make shadows and discovering through trial and error what kinds of objects we can project on the screen,walls and ceiling.

Shadows and Light part 2

We found our shadows outside too! We traced our friends shadow.

We made shadow buildings.

Shadows and Light part 1

On the first day of our unit on light I asked the question, "What do you know about light?" "It's bright","It comes from the sun and light bulbs", "It turns on and off","It makes plants grow","It helps us see things". We already know so much!

The next question I asked is "What do you want to know about light?" "Does the moon have light?","how does the sun rise?","what is a shadow?".

These are some of their questions that were answered by reading books and exploration.A shadow is the dark space created when something solid blocks the light. The sun rises when the earth spins and the light from the sun is cast onto the earth.

We had sweet shadow letter review.

Kindness, Love And Rainy Day Fun

For K week we talked and read books about kindness. "What does it mean to be kind?" "What are ways you can be kind?"
We got some great answers. "hug your friend", "share your toys",  "help your friend put on their shoes." Ask your child what their answer was.
 The children made bags for their Valentine cards. We used paper bags, doilies, paint, glitter and glue.

 One thing you find out fast as a teacher of small children,   they love to put their hands in glitter. They seem compelled by a force of nature they are unable to control.  I decided to put this compulsion to good. Alphabet writing review in glitter! On Valentine's Day it is our tradition at Imagine to invite our parents for lunch. We celebrated with balloons, cupcakes and our loved ones. What a lovely day.  Love and thanks to all.

LOVE… part 2

Valentine's day gifts for parents. Made with their very own hands.