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We love the letter A!

This week we counted apple seeds.

We talked about how an apple tree grows. The VPK students drew pictures .

We made apple pie!

This is a drawing of the apple sauce, the apple pie and all the little hands that made our creations come to life.

Apples, apples, apples

A is the first letter of the alphabet.

Apple starts with the letter A.

The children made apple prints.

The VPK students practiced writing the letter a. Each letter of the alphabet has an upper and lower case.  They are also learning how to use scissors.
We made applesauce....First we had to cut up the apples.

We added sugar and cinnamon to the cut up apples.
The apples started out hard but when we added heat they changed. They became soft and after some time cooking they turned into applesauce! 

All about me...

We have been talking about our bodies and the amazing things they can do.We spent the week learning about our five senses. Ask your child if they can name all five.
We used shaving cream to explore touch.
We made "smell necklaces" to help us understand our sense of smell. 

We had a nature scavenger hunt to explore our sense of sight and hearing. 

Snack time was a great time to talk about our sense of taste.