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Amazing bones

Once Halloween was over, talk of monsters and witches slowly dwindled. We weren't focusing on things that frightened us anymore but we found we still were very curious about skeletons and bones. Do we all have bones? How many bones do we have our body? Do all animals have bones? We began to wonder. We were lucky enough to have several real bones to examine and began to figure out which bone went where. Our anatomy book helped us piece together which bones go where inside our bodies. We also examined how certain bones fit together.

Figuring out how bones were assembled in the body inspired us to make some of our own. Using clay and our own plastic skeleton as a reference, we chose our favorite bones and began to sculpt. Some of the children held up their clay bones next to the mannequin to figure out if it was the right size or shape. There were even some kids that made bones that connected to other bones, like the foot bones connecting to the leg bone and the skull connecting to th…