Graduation 2018

We work  for weeks getting ready for graduation. There are invitations to make....

Caps and crowns to decorate....

There are many conversations to have......what does it mean to graduate?, who is graduating? Who will be seniors next year?

Teachers have speeches to write and many details to consider and execute....

Congratulations to our amazing and beautiful seniors! Good luck on your next big adventure....

Impromptu mural

Sometimes the things that happen that were unplanned turn out to be the coolest of the things. 

We set out a large piece of butcher block paper, oil pastels and various items to trace and out of nothing grew a beautiful mural. 

Children would work hard for a bit and run off to do something else for a awhile only to return to add more colors, lines and shapes to our growing masterpieces.

We thought about painting on it the next day to see how that might look but the next day the general feeling was that it was pretty cool the way it was. We all agreed it felt finished.

It is being displayed on a wall in our red room and it looks pretty cool. 


It started with a question as it so often does...what is a pattern? We wondered if there were ways we could show our knowledge of patterns on the playground. 

The children found ways in our block area as well.

We took photographs of all the ways the children made different types of patterns in their environment and printed them out to use as a provocation in a loose parts activity. 

Thanks Mom!

We have been very busy making beautiful gifts for our Mothers. A jar of flowers to draw and paint, beads and wire and a piece of tile, that’s all it took. That and a whole lot of love. 

We appreciate our Moms and all that they do for us. If we could we would give you the moon or the stars or the whole ocean!  Sending all our love to all our Moms, on this day and every day. 

Our Solar System

Our planet isn’t the only planet ....just like our house isn’t the only house in our neighborhood.  Our solar system was our next topic of conversation. One of the things we marveled at was how very lucky we are to live on this beautiful planet that is just the right distance from the sun to sustain life. 

We have a cool new solar system model that really turns that we used for the first time. It shows how the planets all revolve around the sun. We set out drawing supplies and the children became very interested in drawing the sun and all the planets. Some paid attention to size differences and order while others were more concerned with the colors of the planets. 


We read the book Mapping Penny’s World by Loreen Leedy in which a child draws a map of their bedroom. We toyed with the idea of having the class draw pictures of their bedrooms, but wanted to have a visual at the time they were drawing as a reference. After reading another book,  As the Crow Flies by Gail Hartman that showed a map from a flying crows perspective, we decided to go to the highest point on our playground (on top of our slide) to get a visual as if we were a bird in flight.

After climbing to the top we asked the question, “If someone wanted to see what our playground looked like, could you draw them a map?” We started by taking a good look at the shape of the grounds. We noticed our playground is rectangle shaped, the same as the paper we were using to sketch on. While drawing we used the corners of our paper to mirror the corners of the playground. We pointed out identifying features (the snack tables, the big tree, the “boat”) to draw first and then filled in things in t…

Our Town

House, street, neighborhood, town, state, county, continent and planet are some of the concepts we have been reading and talking about. It’s a lot for little ones to wrap their minds around. We began talking about these concepts by starting small, with their houses. From there, we discussed our street and neighborhoods. We realized that we don’t all live in the same neighborhood and our town has many neighborhoods. Our town doesn’t just have places to live, it also has places and things that we need and all share. 

We asked the children, “what are some of the places in our town?” We got so many answers! There were answers like the fire station, the library, restaurants, parks and places to buy groceries. We started drawing our houses and from there our town grew. Our friends got excited to draw some of the place we all share in our town. The roads and street signs came next because the roads help us get around our town. Some of our friends saw a need for trees and bushes because our to…