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For our Spring celebration the children are learning a song called the Florida alphabet.  This has started many great conversations about things you might find in our State.  The children got excited to make their own Florida alphabet.

Using colored pencils and white paper the children drew their own version of each page of the book. The interest was so high in this activity many of the children picked more than one letter to draw. 

The children were so inspired by this song that it has started many more conversations about the places and creatures depicted in the song. Along with practicing for our Spring celebration performance we are reading books about our beautiful State. It has sparked some  real curiosity about some of the living things that call Florida their home. 

Love Day 2017!

We have been very busy at Imagine getting ready for Valentine's Day. We painted newspaper and cut out beautiful hearts to decorate our classroom, our Valentine's cards, and the bags to hold all our treats.

The seniors worked to write invitations to our Valentine's Day lunch.

Everyone worked hard creating a beautiful Valentine for their parents. 

There is always so much anticipation for the big day.  There are balloons, sweet treats and so many smiling faces. 

A very happy love day to all our wonderful Imagine families!

Show me a bee

During our Bee exploration we learned all the parts of a bee's body. We decided to use this knowledge to mold bees out of clay. 

We made sure to add all the parts we had learned about and include the correct number of antennae and legs.

Clay is a medium the children love to work with and this was a great way for them to show us what they learned.