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So Thankful

The children used oil pastels to color paper acorns. We talked about what it means to be thankful. We talked about all the things we are thankful for. We decorated the acorns with fall leaves and hung them up in our yellow room.
This week we also made these colorful fingerprint Autumn trees

See everyone after the break, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


The second recipe in our cook book is for bread.
We learned that a recipe has a list of "ingredients".    A recipe tells you how much of each ingredient you need. We learned about "measurement" and how important it is when we cook.   
We talked about "yeast" and watched what happens when we mix it together with warm water and sugar. We learned that it is the "yeast" in the bread that makes it "rise". The children all had a turn "kneading" the dough. Everyone had their own piece of the dough to shape.

  The seniors wrote their letters in flour.

B Is For Books, C Is For Cooking!

We are doing a unit on books!
We decided to combine our love of books with one of our favorite activities- cooking! We bake a lot at Imagine and we thought it would be a great idea to make a cook book with all our favorite recipes. We made apple pie. It's the first recipe in our cook book.

We read the book "Library Mouse" and the children were inspired to write their own books.

The seniors are continuing to learn how to write their letters. We started compiling the senior work into individual files. If you get a chance take a look at your child's work.

The Amazing Letter A

We had a great "A" week!
We drew pictures of apples, and made beautiful apple prints.

We read books about the life cycle of an apple. The seniors drew pictures.

Seniors also practiced writing the letter A. We added "apple seed counting"  to the activities in our yellow room.

Election Day 2012

Today is a big day for our country.  Everyone is talking about "voting". Our preschool class is no exception.  We decided to hold our own election. We talked about what the president does and how by "voting" everyone has a say in who gets to be the President. 
We set up a voting booth in our classroom and everyone lined up to vote. The children got to vote for Dog or Cat.
We tallied up the votes; Dog-9 ,Cat-6 "Which one got the most votes?"
Congratulations Dog! WOOF!