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Portraits like Frida

The children made bright, colorful cardboard frames.  Everyone was curious about what we were going to put in them.

Frida Kahlo painted so many beautiful portraits. Some were of others but the majority were of herself. 

In many of them she painted her animal companions by her side.  We are drawing our self portraits and some of our friends are including animal friends as well.

We used oil pastels for our portraits.

They look so gorgeous in their hand crafted frames.

They are hanging in our studio. Take a look!

Faces in art

Today we moved away from abstract. We started a conversation about portraits.With some chalk the children were quick to show us what they can do.

We set up a provocation that gave the children the opportunity to explore portraits through another medium. 

For this project we used old art work all done by the children in the past. There was plenty of time for practicing scissor skills. 

These portrait collages gave the children a chance to experiment with loose materials.  When they felt satisfied with the placement of their parts they  glued their pieces down. 

If you want to take a closer look they are hanging in our coloring room. 

Abstract Monotypes

We have been talking about abstract art in the preschool. Today the children had the opportunity to create their own abstract art. The children randomly applied paint to a mirror and “monotypes” were created by pressing paper on the painted mirror. It was cool to listen to each child’s ideas about what the images looked like.

Look for these gorgeous works of art hanging in our “red room”. 

On the last day of this project we used our entire table top! We got to paint on the table! What fun! It started out as a bit of an experiment so we were beyond thrilled to see our final results. Lovely, bright, giant monotypes! 

It’s always exciting to paint somewhere we usually aren’t aloud, and it’s extra fun to do it together in a group. It took a lot of team work but this group of children worked together easily to create this beautiful art. 

Color, shapes and Abstract art

Our first art project of the Summer were beautiful cards we made for our Dads for Father’s Day. We read a book about an artist named Henri Matisse. He was a painter but he also did lovely, brightly colored collages. 

We studied some of his greatest works and set up an invitation to create our very own Matisse like collage. 

We also talked about how in abstract art everyone can see something different. We encouraged the children while they were making their collages to think about what the shapes looked like to them. Each child named their art.