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Our Families

This week we talked all about our families.Many of us have different families.Some have many siblings,aunts,and uncles.Some families have two mommies or two dads and some families live in two different homes.
We read many books about the differences in our families and talked about how each one is special! We drew pictures and decorated our families.  We love our families!


I Spy with my little eye...

We had great fun exploring our sense of sight.


We made these awesome noise makers using, craft sticks,paper and rubber bands.

They're great for long car rides!


I had the children tell me about each of their senses. I then explained that we were only going to use our sense of touch  to identify the contents of the touch box.
I asked questions like, "can you find something round and soft using only your sense of touch?"
We also each got to touch a bashful fern. In case you don't know, a bashful fern is a plant that closes up when you touch it's leaves.  It opens up again in a few minutes.

Taste! Banana Bread ,Yum!

We had fun exploring our senses of taste with the delicious  banana bread we made.

My nose can Smell!

This week we started talking about our 5 senses.  Eyes can see, ears can hear, hands can touch, mouths can taste and our noses can smell.
We had jars of different smells; lavender,anise,cloves,peppermint,rose petals and lemon ginger. The children picked the smell that they liked the most . We made smell pouch necklaces.

While we were making our necklaces we talked about smells we think are good and smells we think are bad. Some of the bad smells were, "feet","a pig","dead flowers","burning fire", "skunk spray" and "poop". Some of the good smells were, "flowers", "clean clothes", "apples", "grass" and "roses".