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We live in Florida!

We talked this week about where we live.
We traced the shape of Florida and the United States.

We found our "Country" and our "State" on the Globe.

We learned that the United States is on the Earth.

Florida is in the United States.

Florida begins with the letter F.
F is also the first letter in words like feet and fish.

We practiced writing the upper and the lower case F.

E is for egg.....

We pretended to be inside of an egg waiting to hatch. I asked the kids what they thought it would feel like. They said, "uncomfortable", "crowded","dark","squishy", "wet" "warm" and "cozy".

We learned that many different animals are born from eggs. Birds and turtles,snakes and alligators are just a few.

We learned about the life cycle of a bird.

More Halloween fun!

I found a way to make paper chains without the use of glue or staples.

It is a great way to help kids develop their fine motor skills.

We also learned about patterns. Black circle,orange square.....


Our middle classroom is so festive!

D is also for decorations!! Halloween is so close!!

Halloween dioramas

Dancing witches, ghosts and skeletons .

Spooky aren't they?


We love to dance! Dance starts with a D.

D is also the first sound in the words; duck,dog and dinosaur.

Writing with chalk is a great way to learn how to write our letters.
We can also draw pictures of things that begin with D.

This dog has big ears.

This is an upper case D.

This is a delicious doughnut.