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Clouds Are Cool

We made a welcome sign for our open house.

I gave each child a cotton ball and told them to pretend it was a cloud.

I asked them how does the cloud feel? They agreed that they felt "light" "soft" and "fluffy".

We talked about how when water from the earth travels up into the sky it fills the clouds. When the cloud gets heavy with water it rains.

We talked about how our cloud felt now. They felt "heavy" "cold" and "wet".
Cloud starts with the letter C.

There are many other words that start with the letter C; words like, coffee, cup, carrots, corn and cow.
There are different kinds of clouds.
Cirrus clouds are high and wispy.
Cumulus clouds are puffy.
Stratus clouds hang low in the sky in layers.
Cumulus-nimbus clouds are large, towering and gray. They make rain.

We looked for the different kinds of clouds in the sky above Imagine.

We sometimes saw shapes in the clouds. We saw a turtle and a tiger.

We made clouds for our birthday wall.

We stu…

Busy butterflies

We counted the butterflies on our playground's fence. There are 21.
We painted with watercolors on paper we had colored with crayons.
We glued our butterflies together and then we decorated them with "squares", "circles", "triangles" and "rectangles".

They now fly around our classroom and have become part of our birthday wall.

Like all living things butterflies have a "life cycle".

B is the second letter in our alphabet.

Look at the "B" in the butterfly.

we had alphabet cookies for snack . We collected all the A's and B's.

We found out that there were "more" B's in the bag of cookies than A's. There were "less" A's than there were B's.

The first letter of the alphabet is A

All letters have an upper and a lower case.

Apple starts with A!
We found out that when you cut an apple in half a certain way there is a star inside!

We made apple prints.

An apple is made up of different parts.

We counted the seeds we found inside the apples .

We added sugar and cinnamon and water.
The apples started out hard and when we cooked them they got soft.
One of our friends said "this is the best applesauce in the whole world!
Take that Motts!

Marvelous me !

For the last few weeks we have been talking about how amazing we are. Our bodies can do pretty cool things. They can "run fast", "pick up things", "give hugs" and "jump high"

We talked about how different we all look .

We talked about how much we are all alike.

We traced our bodies. We all come in different sizes,

Then the fun began! We used different painting utensils to create crazy patterns and different effects.

The cutting out of the bodies is tricky even sometimes for a grown up.

We talked about our faces. what is on your face? "eyes , nose and mouth" . For "seeing, smelling, talking, breathing and eating"

We need clothes too!!!

Happy children are now starting to decorate our walls.