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I brought some beautiful yellow flowers I picked in my yard. We invited the children to explore the color yellow .  We provided brown pencils for the stems. It turned out to be a great opportunity to talk to the children about lines,  "Are the stems long or short?", "Are they fat or skinny?". We also used this yellow discovery to learn some fine painting skills. We used small paint brushes and encouraged the children to use small amounts of paint. We focused on how to hold the brush and having a soft touch. As you can see they turned out lovely, even our youngest class members were able to show us long thin lines for the stems and delicate yellow flowers.


We set up an invitation to explore the color blue.  We set out blue pencils,crayons, markers and paint. We discussed all the places we might find the color blue in nature. We talked about what the color blue made us think of and how it makes us feel. Blue is the sky and the ocean, blue is happy and calm.

Self Portraits

The children seemed to enjoy drawing their Dads so much we thought it would be a great time to introduce the idea of the self portrait. We showed the children self portraits done by some famous artists. We talked about our faces, we all have eyes, a nose and a mouth and yet we all look different. We set up mirrors as a provocation. This week we starting talking about "line leaders". Some of our older friends modeled the responsibilities of the line leader for the children who are new to our class. We used our copier to make the self portraits smaller so we can use them on our line leader mobile. Please look for it in our red room.  The full size portraits are hanging in our kitchen.

Fathers Day 2014

We asked the children to draw their Fathers. We used charcoal pencil on white paper. So simple but the drawings were so awesome. We asked the children to think about things they love about their Dads. We got some very sweet answers. We hope all our Imagine Dads had a great and relaxing Fathers day.

Graduation 2014

In anticipation of our Graduation ceremony our class made, caps, crowns and invitations.
And of course we wrote a speech....  "We started out this school year exploring lines because lines are the basis for writing and critical in structure building and we thought this would be an exciting springboard for our new year. What we soon discovered was something much bigger- that lines are not just marks on a page, lines are about connection. They are what connected us from roads to bridges- bridges to maps- maps to space and back again. This School year has been a long journey of connection and how we are all connected. We are connected to the water, the soil, the solar system, to our beautiful planet Earth and all the living things that call it home. And now because of this class and our shared experience of watching these children grow, we as teachers are connected to you.      This is a big day- your child's first graduation of the many to follow. They are off to explore the …