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Helping Hands part 2

We finished our helper board! The children picked out their clothing item and glued their  names on. Our helper board is to help children learn to recognize their written name,learn the days of the week and know who is the daily "weather helper". We made a beautiful hand collage. We traced each child's hand and had them color them with oil pastels.

We water colored on top of our hands.
The children noticed that the paint did not stick on the oil pastels. The children wondered why, so we did an experiment with cooking oil and water. Oil and water really don't mix! When our hands were dry we glued them on our collage.
Our hands really are amazing, and beautiful too!

Helping Hands part 1

Our second week of school was spent talking about our "helping hands". We talked about all the things our hands can do. Our hands can, "pick stuff up","hug my friend to make her happy", "open doors","help my sister clean up"," plant seeds" and so much more.
They can also make pretzels!

Thanks hands!

Welcome to Imagine! Our First Week, part 2

The first week of preschool is so busy. Along with learning our new circle time songs and the rules of our classroom, we are getting to know each other.
We talked a lot about friendship. What is a friend? How do we make friends? How do we treat friends? After reading a bunch of books about friendship and much discussion, we made this awesome flag!

Our beautiful  friendship flag is hanging in the preschool kitchen.

Welcome to Imagine! Our First Week, part 1

In the preschool we often use music as a way of communication. We use it to say good morning, to remember the rules and to take us from one activity to another. To celebrate the beginning of our school year we decided to introduce a new song to our circle time. We asked the children what their favorite songs were. 
We had the children "write" their own songs using different amounts of colored water in glass jars. They used a wooden stick to tap the side of the jars and found that each color made a different sound.

Using paint of corresponding colors the children documented their songs. They also named them!

They look beautiful on the wall of our red room.