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Earth day is everyday.

We did a lot of thinking and talking about the Earth this past week. We traced the Earth and some of her continents, we drew and colored what our planet looks like from space, we got our hands dirty planting seeds in the the soil our planet generously supplies.  Our big project was painting newspaper, tearing it up and gluing the pieces onto a large outline of the Earth . The children were very proud of this big beautiful piece of art. 

We talked about the things we know about the Earth and things we would like to know. We had a great discussion about ways we can help take care of the Earth. 

The Earth is green and blue”. Penelope “The ocean is blue and has sharks, turtles, and killer whales”. Leo“The Earth moves around and around”. Ada

“We can help the Earth by picking up garbage “. Daniela 
“We should not leave the electricity on”. Ada“I think we can help the Earth by helping trees”. Isabelle 

Super heroes of love and kindness

journey began around Valentine’s day. We talked so much about love it seemed the perfect time to start a conversation about kindness. What is kindness?  What are ways we are kind?  What are ways sometimes we are unkind?  We got so many answers.....

We introduced the word “empathy”. Developmentally for this age group empathy is a bit of a stretch, but important to talk about just the same. An understanding starts on a basic level. How are we the same, how are we different? We share so much. Feelings are something we all have. When we are in touch with all our feelings, we can better recognize these same feelings in our friends. This project was born from our kindness talks and nurtured by the children’s love of  stories. 

The children were asked to create a character. To help those who might  not feel confident with representational art, we set up a” loose parts” provocation. We hoped it would inspire them to create their own unique character. The characters were traced and cut out and r…