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Happy Winter 2016

The class has really shown an interest in recipes, measuring and baking. We thought it might be a nice idea to give our parents a Holiday gift that required each child to follow the directions of a recipe and do a bunch of fun measuring. This is also a great gift because it allows for more measuring and recipe following at home with Mom or Dad. The best part is in the end, if all goes well, everyone will have delicious cookies!

The class also made lovely cards to go on their cookie jars using watercolor pencils. 

We hope that all of our Imagine families have a very happy Holiday and we look forward to seeing all your smiling faces in the new year! 

Our Calendar

In morning meeting we sing a song about the days of the week and talk about what day it is "today", what day it was "yesterday" , and what day it is  "tomorrow".  It's a great opportunity to talk about the words "before" and "after".  Recently we were talking about months and realized that they weren't as easy to "get" as days. We decided that maybe working together to make a calendar could help the children have a better understanding of days, months, and years. 

Our calendar making activity spanned a full week and allowed many opportunities for counting, letter and number recognition, letter sounds and writing practice.

We talked about how many days are in a week, how many weeks are in a month, and how many months  are in a year. We also talked about our birthdays and recognized that we only have one Birthday a year. 

When our calendar was finished we brought it out during morning meeting.   We hope to use it on a regula…


This week we have been talking a lot about numbers.  We set up a new activity that allows the children to practice their one-to-one correspondence. It's a very simple to set up provocation and the children have been very enthusiastic about it. Some of our friends did it together as a team, helping to count and checking their friends work. 

We also gave the class the opportunity to write their numbers using our light table. Tracing  on the light table is a very popular activity in our class.

Opposite Day!

A classroom favorite for many years running is a book called , The Opposite by Tom MacRae. This class was no exception. It sparked a great conversation about  every day things that have an opposite.

The children seemed so enthusiastic about this subject that we thought making opposite drawings would be a fun thing to do. They picked something and it's opposite to draw. This isn't always an easy task and it's interesting to watch the thought process that happens when faced with this task. "How do you draw up and down?" 

They came out pretty cool. They're hanging in between the studio and our work room if you want to take a look.