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Very helpful sunflowers

The children are making beautiful sunflowers for the helper board.

All my friends are here with me....

The children made "partner paintings".  This activity was done in pairs. Each child painted a picture and then the paintings were pressed together and then separated. This creates new paintings that are a combination of both child's work.

We have been talking and reading books about friends. We have a sweet song we sing at circle time we wanted to share.
friends, friends, 123 all my friends, all my friends are here with me you're my friend, your my friend, your my friend, 123 all my friends are here with me.

A new school year begins....

We had a great first week of school. We spent time getting to know each other,discovering our classroom and learning our daily routine.
The children made their own cubby labels using white crayons and water color paint in spray bottles. It creates a color resist effect much like batik.

We used our cool laminating machine so their labels will be protected.

We are looking forward to a great year at Imagine.