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All About Me

This week we explored all the amazing things our bodies can do.  Our hands are important and do so much. Our hands can " build, wiggle, wave to people, splash, draw, play with toys, help me eat, pick up things, clap, paint pictures, help me swim"

Feet are pretty important as well. Our feet can; " wiggle, jump, run, walk, stand, paddle, kick balls, dance, spin around, walk on tippy toes"

Friendship Paintings

At imagine we always start the school year off by talking about friendship. What is a friend? How do I make friends? How do I keep friends? The main art project for the week is "friendship paintings". The children are given a partner and side by side they paint a picture. When they are done painting the wet paintings are rubbed together creating two, new, unique paintings created by friends.

We love making new friends.