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P is for patterns!

The children made up patterns with fuzzy balls. They recreated their pattern by coloring in the boxes with crayons.

Our colorful patterns look beautiful!
While we were outside we got the idea to make patterns out of objects on our playground. Bike, dump truck,bike.... Chair,chair,dump truck, chair.... Chair, bike, chair, bike... Boy, girl, boy, girl....


The children drew "opposite" pictures.

We put all the drawings in our "opposite" folder. Ask us to see it ! We did two black and white projects this week that explore the concept that black is the opposite of white.
Our first project was a "printing " project. We used bubble wrap, a roller and black and white paint.
Our next project was collage. We glued cut out pieces of white paper on black.

This project is displayed on the wall of the red room.

N is for Nests!

We made nests out of yarn and glue.  We used a balloon for a mold.

The little birds were needle felted by the teachers.

We Love Numbers!