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M is for Measuring

We learned about measurement this week. The children measured each other using yarn and blocks.

When first learning about measurement the concept is introduced  using "non-standard" units of measurement. We asked the question  "how many blocks tall are you?"

We love to see how tall we are!

Imagine Music

We spent the week listening to, talking about, and playing music.  one of our teachers, Chelsea, spent two days in the preschool sharing  her love of music with the children. She played the accordion,the trombone and the baritone ukulele. 

The children got to play too!

For our Art activity we made harmonicas out of wide craft sticks, paper, and rubber bands.

Love is in the air....

We love the letter L! We spent time making decorations for Valentine's day, making beautiful hand sewn presents for our parents. and talking about love.
We made the decorations out of paper towel rolls, old newspaper, and lots of red paint.

The children made felt heart necklaces stuffed with lavender for their Valentine.

We made sweet little envelopes out of paper towel rolls, scrapbook paper, and colored yarn. Our last project was decorating bags so we would have something to put all our awesome v-day cards in!

We love our friends! Every year we invite parents to come to Imagine for a Valentines day lunch with their child. Balloons, rainbow cake,strawberries and cream were all a part of the festivities. We love our Imagine family!