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Very special guests.....

We were so lucky to have two cello players come to visit our classroom. They made their cellos sound like a cat, a mosquito and a pig running away from a dreaded bath. They also learned one of our circle songs so we could all sing while they played. The children were spellbound and thrilled when they were allowed to pluck the cellos strings.

A very musical week.........


We can make our own instruments!!!

This week we made "shakers" and talked about percussion instruments.

We made them out of paper cups, coffee filters, rubber bands, and dried beans......

K is for kindness

We made "kindness sticks". A child gets to take one home if a teacher witnesses them being kind to a friend.

Sand box fun

The kids built a town outside in the sandbox.

The town we live in.....

we created our town....we talked and read books about community and transportation...the children made businesses, roads, street signs, and trees.

Love day 09'

We made mobiles out of contact paper,tissue paper,glitter,hemp twine and a stick. The children gave them to their parents for Valentines day.

Parents were invited to join us for lunch.