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The Sea

We have been talking about the different kinds of water we can find in Florida. There are rivers and springs, lakes and streams which are all made up of fresh water. We have the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, and they are made up of salt water. We talked about the different kind of creatures that live in each type of water.

For this provocation we invited the children to paint the sea.

We used different "shades" of blue chalk and blue water color paint to create a water effect. 

Cecelia told us, "my ocean is going to have a lot of waves."  Some children drew and painted "coral reefs" and told us stories about sharks and other creatures that live in the sea. 

Florida Habitats

Continuing our conversations and reading about Florida we introduced the word "habitat" and got to talking about what living things need to survive. We realized that some of the Florida animals we have been talking about live on land and some live in water. We read a few books about manatee and learned some really interesting things. Manatee live in water but they are mammals like us! 

We love using clay as a medium and we thought it was just the material we needed to mold manatees. 

We took time looking at pictures of manatees. Children commented on their "fat," "oval" bodies and the "whiskers" on their faces. We spent some time rolling, flattening and pinching clay between or fingers and then eventually let the children mold their final product.  Some children made "mom manatees with their baby." While others made lines on their backs to show scares from "...a boat going to fast."