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K is for kindness

We painted "kindness sticks" this week.  What's a kindness stick, you ask?
A kindness stick is a colorful, sparkly  treat.  You get to take home one of these beauties if someone witnesses you doing something kind.
We talked a lot about what it means to be kind and what it means to be unkind.

So if your child comes home with one of these you know why!

J week!

We started out the week painting big beautiful pictures on our easel. The "seniors" painted the letter J. 

We made "juice" out of carrots and apples. It was delicious.

We also made "jellyfish" out of egg cartons.
They are so cute hanging over our table.

Icky and Insects

Icky Squishy, soft,cold,smooth,drippy, yucky and mushy are all words the children used to describe our cornstarch and water mixture.

Learning to write the letter I Insects We learned that insects have 6 legs and 3 body parts; The head, the thorax, and the abdomen .  We observed insects and then drew them with colored pencils.