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M is for Music...

We filled different sized glass jars with varying amounts of colored water. We arranged the jars from high to low. We let the children "play" the jars with a wooden spoon.We explained to the children  that we were going to write a song. We had the children draw circles that represent "notes" along a line.We provided paint that corresponded with the colored water in the jars. The children painted in the circles making a "pattern" of sounds. We asked the children to name their songs. 

We were so fortunate to have wonderful musical guests. They played "wind","string" and "percussion" instruments. John played the Bagpipes.Mick played the Bouzouki. Here's a link to learn more about this beautiful instrument. I love music week because the children are always inspired to make music of their own.

Some of the children wrote thank you notes to our guests.

Cards and Decorations In Celebration Of Love

The children made lovely Valentine's Day cards for their parents.
We made fun, heart garland using newspaper we painted red.

Chris made the kids yummy vegan cupcakes with strawberry hearts! We love Valentine's day!

L is for Love

Every year the children make something special  for their parents for Valentine's Day.
This year we decided on heart shaped cookies.

We talked about what a "recipe" is and how important it is to follow the "directions". The recipe uses "measurement" to tell us how much of the "ingredients" we need to add.   
We rolled out the dough and used cookie cutters to get a perfect heart shape.

Decorating is the best part!

Chris and I made boxes out of pretty paper for our cookies. Beautiful and delicious! 


We made a beautiful kindness mobile.

I asked the children what it means to be kind.  They gave me answers like:  "being nice" and "sharing with my friends". We all agreed that being kind feels good  and that when we are kind to our friends they are usually kind in return.

This is one of our favorite circle time songs: Here are some rules for you and me. See how important they can be!   Always be honest,be kind and fair, always be gentle and willing to share. These are the rules we all should know. We follow these rules wherever we go.