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We have been talking about our feelings in the preschool.  After reading a number of books about feelings and having a great class discussion the children were invited to draw their feelings.  This activity allowed us to have extended conversations about our feelings.
The children had a lot to say.
One conversation led us to talk about bravery.
" What does brave mean?"
" It means you're a superhero and you can fly!" said one child, while another said,
" It means you don't feel scared."

The class agreed that we all have a lot of different feelings, some good and some bad. We also realized feelings come and feelings go.  We wrote what the children said on the back of their drawings and laminated them. They are sweet "feelings" flashcards inspired by the author Todd Parr.

My Name

We have been talking about our names. Why do we have a name? How do we get our name? Do we have only one name? How many names do you have? We then had a discussion about the letters in our names. How many letters do you have in your name? We had each child pick out the letters in their name and stamp them into a flattened piece of clay. We talked about the order of the letters and the direction the letters go. The clay was a great medium for this activity because it was easy to correct our mistakes.
We extended this activity by supplying ink and paper. We are using our stamped names for our helper mobile. In case you are new to our class, the helper mobile is how we know who the helpers are for the week. The helper or "line leader" is a coveted position. Ask your child what a line leader does.

My Body

We asked the question, "What is your favorite body part and why?" after reading the book "I Like Me" by Nancy Carlson.  This question lead to a discussion about our bodies and the various things that our bodies can do.  We got some great insight from the class. Their answers were photographed and then hand drawn.