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Letter recognition

This is a great activity that helps children recognize the letters of the alphabet.
The children colored in all the letters. They colored the upper case and the lower case letters.

I cut out the lower case letters and now it is an activity where a child can match the lower case letters to the upper case letters.

Happy Mother's Day!

We made beautiful vases for our mothers. We used ketchup bottles, tissue paper and watered down glue.

Turtles, turtles, turtles!

Some things we know about turtles; "they have a hard shell","some live in the water, some live out of the water", "they can put their head inside their shell", "they lay eggs", "they go in their shell to hide from predators", 

We made an ocean collage that our turtles can live in.
Things we want to know about turtles; "what do they eat?", "where do they sleep?", "do they have families?","do they talk to each other?", "can they come out of their shell?". We read lots of books about turtles.
We drew turtles.

We painted turtles.