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Earth day 2012!

We celebrated Earth Day by making these earth hand prints.

Under The Sea

We had sea creatures come to visit at Imagine. Sponges, starfish, sea slugs and snails.

Clams, mussels and scallops too!
The children sifted the sand to find the shells.

It was really a treat to see some of the creatures we were able to touch and feel through a microscope. The children learned that microscopes make things look bigger. 

Many of the children were inspired to draw pictures of some of the marine life they saw.

Spring, Seeds and Sunflowers

Spring is here at Imagine! We planted sunflower seeds.
We watered them well. We watched them grow!
We planted our seedlings in our garden. We learned that plants need soil, water, air and sun to grow.
Our art project for the week was making a mural  to greet our friends and family when they arrive for our spring celebration. .
We used crayons,tempera and water color paints to make the background,the flower and birds. We glued eyes on our birds.

Welcome Spring!