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Friendship paper chain

We started out the new school year by talking about friends.
What does it mean to be a friend?
How do we make friends?
How do we keep them?

We painted with a friend.

We are all learning how to use scissors .

Throughout the year the children are encoraged to come to a teacher and tell about a way they have been a good friend. It is written on a strip of paper and added to our "friendship chain".

We are looking forward to watching our chain grow!

Look at us!!

The summer's biggest project was mask making.We ended the project with a silly sweet parade. The children were very proud of their work.
The important job of tearing the newspaper.....
Flour and water feels "cool and smooth"
They covered the balloons .....

We dried them in the sun.

"Faces need noses to smell"

"Mouths are for smiling and eating and breathing"

"Eyes are for seeing"

The parade

In the forest