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Our Beautiful Thankful Tree

We talked about what it means to be thankful.
We made leaf rubbings using real leaves, paper and crayons.

When you use watercolor paints to paint over the crayon the crayon resists the paint creating a lovely effect.

We made the trunk of the tree out of old newspaper.

Review time!

The VPK kids reviewed the letters that we have done so far this year.

G is for Gainesville/ H is for house

We live in a town called Gainesville.

We learned that all living creatures need some form of shelter to live.
Shelter is important because it keeps us out of bad weather. Our houses keep us warm and dry.

The children made houses out of folded paper and glue. They drew pictures of the things that are inside their houses. There are a lot of different rooms in a house. Some of our favorites are , "my bedroom", "my living room", "the kitchen" and "the play room, where all my toys are".

We all agreed that the best thing about our houses are the people who live inside.

Our "G" collage!

Not to be outdone by our "H" collage!