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All About Shapes....

We are learning about 2-dimensional shapes.  The children made shape collages.

We are also learning about 3- dimensional shapes.

J week!

The children enjoyed painting orange J's .
J is the first letter in the word juice! We also find the J sound in words like jump,joy,jellyfish and jam. We made carrot, kale and apple juice in our juicer. The juicer "extracts" the "liquids" from the vegetables and fruit. The children loved seeing "solid" fruits and veggies turn liquid.  We talked about fruits and vegetables and how good they are for our bodies.  We made several different combinations. The children tried them all but hands down preferred that the juice be mostly apple. So if you do this at home and want the nutrition of the carrots and kale make sure there is mostly apple and just a little bit of the others. 

How many j's can you find in the elephants body? There are 3! The children found one in the trunk,one in the ear and one in the tail. "J" the elephant needs paint!
We used sand to change the texture from "smooth" to "rough". 
Beautiful J!


We had a big week learning about insects.A magnifying glass is a way that we can make small things look larger.

We talked about how the word insect starts with the letter "I". The sound that "I" makes is also found in the beginning of the words: Inside,igloo,interesting and imagination.

The children drew beautiful pictures of bugs.

We had a guest come visit our class. He is a man who goes to college to study insects.He talked about how some insects are friendly and some are not. .   We also learned that all insects have three body parts and six legs. Spiders are not insects because they have 8 legs.

Holiday Happenings

Gifts for our amazing parents.

Decorations for our classroom.

Happy Winter to one and all.