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We love lemonade!

We made lemonade this week.

Lemons are "sour" and "tart".

Sugar is "sweet". Sweet is the opposite of sour.
We added sugar to the lemon juice but found that it did not "dissolve". We put the sugar in water and heated it up until the sugar dissolved. We then added it to the lemon juice with some more water and we had the most delicious lemonade.

Squeezing the lemons was hard work.

Leaf starts with L and our playground has a lot of them.
We used the hole puncher to make holes in the leaves .

We strung the leaves . This activity is great for developing hand/eye coordination.

We tied our leaf garlands between the trees.

Lemons grow on trees. We made a lovely lemon tree.

L is the beginning sound for words like, lasagna, lady, laugh and lady bug.

Kindness, kites and so much more....

We talked a lot about what it means to be kind this week. We are filling our kindness jar with acts of kindness. We are looking forward to seeing how full our jar gets.
We made kites this week....
We read a story about a little boy who painted the most beautiful kite.

The children painted their own kites.

They cut material for the tails,
folded the paper,

and picked out yarn for the tails.

Their kites are as beautiful as Ping Lee's.

VPK kids did a pattern activity.

We did a science experiment...what happens when you mix corn starch and water?
Chemistry is about change.

We talked about solids and liquids .
The children agreed that the mixture was wet, soft and smooth.

These blocks are not the" same". They are "different".

These blocks are the "same". They "match".

Things we do at Imagine....

It was a cold week in Florida , but we stayed warm and toasty inside.
I brought out a blue piece of material I found in the resource room and we decided it would be fun to make a river in our classroom.

The children named things you might find in a river.
They came up with rocks, logs, fish, turtles, boats and alligators.
We found things in our classroom to put in our river. We put trees around the banks of our river and animals showed up to drink from the cool water.

I brought out clay and the children made fish, turtles and snakes.

The children helped Chris make origami boats. We helped the children find the letters to name their boats.

We actually had reports that snow might be a possibility! For kids living in Florida this is very exciting. We kept a snow watch and did a snow dance. It didn't snow so we decided to make our own. We mixed toilet paper and soap shavings together with warm water and made a fun, mushy, soapy concoction.

The children made the cutest snow people.

They made a…