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Holiday Time!

We were very busy the two weeks before our holiday break.

The children made decorations out of paper towel tubes.

Glitter...Don't forget the glitter!

They made snowflakes out of coffee filters and snow garland out of label stickers.

They folded the coffee filters in half and then in half again. There are two halves and four quarters in a whole.

They made beautiful frames for their parents.

The cards were made out of the tops of ferns, glue and glitter.

The children gave their parents their gifts at our holiday potluck.

Happy Winter to all!!

JJJJ jump!

We drew upper case and lower case J's with chalk.
The children jumped over J's, inside J's and outside of J's.

The VPK kids practiced writing the letter J.

The children drew jellyfish all over our playground.


For the letter "I" we talked about imagination. I asked "what does the word imagination mean? I got answers like " pictures in your mind", "things you make up"it's like pretending".
We made up a cool story about an elephant that lives on our playground. There was a bike in the tree, a rhino that saves the day, and of course a princess. Ask your child if they remember. It was a tall tale to be sure.

The VPK kids were at it again. This time writing the letter I and the numbers 1,2,3,4 and 5.

The kids made monotypes.

They painted on a non absorbent surface and then pressed a piece of paper on top of their design.

Their art work on the walls make their school feel more like home and a place that reflects them. This is a place where they belong.