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Earth Day 2010!

We made earth hand prints. We put glittery stars all around our "earth".

We talked about the Earth and how important it is to take care of it.

Happy Earth day everyone!

Spring flowers bloom at Imagine

The children made beautiful flowers for our middle room.
They painted coffee filters.
Chris helped them sew the buttons on and string them together.. They make our classroom look so colorful!

S is for Spring!

We "sprouted" Lima beans.
First we soaked them in water and put them in a wet paper towel inside a clear plastic bag. We also put beans in a bag with no water to see if they would sprout. The beans with the water sprouted and the beans with no water did not. The children learned that in order for a seed or a bean to "germinate" they need water. We planted the sprouted beans in soil , watered them, put them in the sun and waited for them to grow. We learned that plants need soil, water and sun to grow. 

We planted our Lima bean plants in our garden.

Gnomes, Fairies and Wizards Oh My!

All the children worked very hard to put on a special performance for our spring celebration.They made fairy crowns,wizard and gnome hats, cupcakes ,wands and playbills.
Our play was called "a Fairy Kind Gnomalot" . It is a play that teaches the importance of kindness. It was written by our very own Chris...We can't thank her enough. It is a great play.
The gnomes grow cupcakes for the woodland creatures that live in the Imagine forest. The Fairies teach the gnomes and wizard how to work together.They learn that through kindness they can create a peaceful place to live.
The fairies,wizards and gnomes are all living happily ever after in the Imagine forest. Gnomalot has become a very peaceful place.