Summer Art Show

This summer has been an incredible journey into the world of art.
It started with a family trip to the Harn museum that inspired explorations into color,lines and shapes, which led to the discovery of different mediums and techniques.We read books about famous artists like, Vincent Van Gogh, Georgia O'Keeffe and Jackson Pollack.
Somewhere around mid summer we provoked the idea of finding a way to show our art to our families .We talked about our trip to the museum and the children were excited to make an "art show" for their parents and friends.

Our art show was a huge success. 

We documented the work that the children did with the intention of making our summer visible to our parents. This type of documentation lets those not in our classroom day to day understand our path; where we started and why and how we ended up where we did.
Our art show was not only an opportunity to show off our beautiful  works of creativity, it was also a way to show the children that we value the work they do.

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