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Where in the World are Matt And Chris?

The children made the sweetest book in anticipation of two of their favorite teachers return.When the children asked where Matt and Christina had gone, I explained that they were on an adventure across the country. One day we put a globe on the table and asked the children to draw pictures of where they thought Matt and Chris had gone on their adventure.

Rainbow Marble Run!

We painted cardboard tubes the colors of the rainbow and made a really cool marble run. 

Q is for queen

In honor of all our Queens, Kings, Princesses and Princes at Imagine we made crowns.

Star Crayons!

We peeled and sorted all our old and broken crayons.
The children filled the star molds....
We put them into the oven until the old crayons melted. We let them cool and viola! Brand new beautiful,colorful star crayons!