There is water all over

Painting water. 
“I’m painting the rain and the ocean”. Ada 
“A rainbow mix of beautiful water”. Penelope 
“Now it’s blue just like the ocean! Awesome!” Roy
“I’m painting a waterfall. I’m painting with lighter blue to show splashing”. Lydia

Where do we find water?
“When it rains the puddle come and there’s water” Manu 
“You find water in lakes”. Lucca
“It comes from the sky”. Daniela 
“There is water all over!” Lucca

“Did you do red and yellow on top of each other?” Roy
“Wow orange!” Dominic 
“Does it look like mustard and ketchup?” Roy
“It looks like hot lava”. Daniela 

“Rivers have sand in them” Cece 
“There is also plants on the bottom of the river.” Cece
“The water is moving”. Daniela 
“The water is flowing down”. Penelope 

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