Our Town

     House, street, neighborhood, town, state, county, continent and planet are some of the concepts we have been reading and talking about. It’s a lot for little ones to wrap their minds around. We began talking about these concepts by starting small, with their houses. From there, we discussed our street and neighborhoods. We realized that we don’t all live in the same neighborhood and our town has many neighborhoods. Our town doesn’t just have places to live, it also has places and things that we need and all share. 

We asked the children, “what are some of the places in our town?” We got so many answers! There were answers like the fire station, the library, restaurants, parks and places to buy groceries. We started drawing our houses and from there our town grew. Our friends got excited to draw some of the place we all share in our town. The roads and street signs came next because the roads help us get around our town. Some of our friends saw a need for trees and bushes because our town has a lot of those.

Our beautiful town will be living in our work room for the next couple weeks if you want to take a look.

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