My House

     Before spring break, we were talking about insect homes. Upon our return from vacation, we started talking about where humans live. We asked the question, “why do we live in houses?” Our friends had a lot of really great answers, “we need to be safe from raccoons”, “when it’s winter it is too cold and we have to go inside”, “we don’t want to get rain on us”. 
We asked what are the things that all houses have? We gathered all the answers, “roofs,walls,doors,windows”, and went on to talk about the usefulness of these things.

We set up an invitation to build a house with small blocks. One of our friends built their own house. He said, “my house is a long house, it has a hallway that goes to my room”.
The houses were all so creative and different. Some included yards with houses for their dogs and grandparents as well. I guess you might say an entire family compound! 
We spent time talking about the shapes of doors and windows. We noticed that most roofs slant but some are flat. Everyone seemed happy and satisfied with the house they were able to create. 

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