Insect Homes

     Since the beginning of the year we have been exploring the world of insects. Our class has been observing them, reading books about them, and drawing and sculpting them. We have been very busy in the last month learning an insect song to perform for our Spring celebration. Along with learning the song, each child chose an insect to represent and created a head band that reflected that representation. Each had the opportunity to closely observe the head of their particular insect. They noticed shapes, colors and details that were unique to each insect. 

     One of the books we read about insects was focused on where insects live. This gave us the opportunity to talk about habitats and homes. We asked the question,“Where does your insect live?” We set out to find out a little about where each of their insects live. Along the way, we started a few different class discussions about weather and climate, and reasons living things need some type of shelter. For our last project of our study on insects, each child attempted to draw the place that their insect rests, lays its eggs and seeks protection from the weather. 

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