Happy Winter Solstice

Every year the children make a gift to give their parents at our Winter potluck. 
This year we made these beautiful wildflower seed bombs. We started out by ripping, tearing and cutting tissue paper, paper towels and scrap paper for the paper pulp that would dry and become our seed bombs. We used a blender and food color, mixed the seeds in and formed the stars in a cookie cutter. 

The card part of the gift are lovely watercolor paintings of wildflowers.
 The final step was gluing the message on their card and writing their name.

In a related activity we looked up each wildflower in our seed mix. We “googled” what their seed looked like and found each seed in our mix. The children used a magnifying glass to see the detail of each seed. This sorting and identifying activity was extremely popular with the class. 

I have to be honest here. I have no experience making seed bombs and I’m really not much of a gardener so if flowers grow from these seed bombs I will be very pleasantly surprised. We made extra so we can plant them as a class in the spring. If they don’t grow I’m sure there is a “lesson” to be gleaned and different seeds we will plant that will. We do hope you enjoy them just the same. They were made with a lot of love.

Wishing all of our Imagine families a very happy Winter Solstice.  
Cheers to the returning light as our part of this big beautiful Earth tilts back towards the sun bringing with it new beginnings. Love and peace to one and all. 

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