This past week we started talking about lines. We looked around the room and noticed that they are everywhere! They are on the walls, the ceiling, table legs. We can even find them on our bodies. Our fingers our get the idea.
Lines are important because they are the foundation of shapes and letters.
All form starts with a line. 

We introduced three different activities that let the children explore lines. 
Rulers are a big hit with little ones and for some this was their first experience using them.
It takes a bit of coordination to master making lines with rulers but everyone was up for the challenge. 
They made “horizontal”, “vertical” and “diagonal” lines. They made them thick and they made them thin.

This activity allows the children to use sand to make different lines. Sand is a useful medium for pre writers. It is very forgiving, it’s easy to start again and is easily manipulated with just a child’s finger.

We also provided the opportunity for the children to trace different lines on our light table.

They made “straight”, “curvy” and “zig zag” lines. 
The seniors will be starting their journals next week so this was some great pre writing practice.

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