We’ve started a conversation about our 5 senses.
We decided to focus first on our sense of sight. 
What does the word sight mean? From what part of our body do we see? Can all animals see? What would it be like if we couldn’t see? 
We ventured out on our playground to have a look around. What do we see? This time of year our golden rain tree is dropping tiny yellow flowers and our playground is covered in a yellow flower blanket. It’s hard to miss it. 

For our first sight activity we gave the children tongs and a container and invited them to collect the flowers using the tongs. We asked if they could try to only pick up one flower at a time and try not to get any dirt along with the flower. It’s a bit tricky but certainly doable. When the collecting was complete each child had the opportunity to count the flowers that they collected. This was a great fine motor activity that required hand-eye coordination and lots of concentration. This activity could not be done without our sense of sight. 

We brought a branch from our rain tree into our studio and set up a provocation that encouraged the children to draw and paint the branch using water color pencils. We looked closely at the flowers with a magnifying glass and really tried to observe the branch, the leaves and the flowers. We noticed that there are little maroon colored pods on the branch as well as the flowers. We also noticed an insect on the branch called a jadera  . We have many of these insects on our playground because they eat the seeds of the rain tree. Where there is a golden rain tree there is sure to be jadera bugs. 

We noticed so much about the rain tree branch. 
We talked about color, lines and shapes. 
All made possible by our magnificent sense of sight. 

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