We gave the children a chance to express some of their feelings about hurricane Irma. 
We had classroom discussions where children were encouraged to share what they were thinking about their recent experience with this very big storm that effected everyone in one way or another. Cecelia told us, "It made me sad because all the trees broke." Emerson said, "The storm kind of sounded like lions and I was a little scared."

We decided to paint the hurricane. 
We first talked about colors we would use. 
Some of our friends painted wind and rain, while a few others tried to capture what trees would look like when faced with such strong wind. 

In our free play room the children used our blue silkies to act out the wind and rain that we experienced as a result of Irma. 

In our final discussion about the the storm we talked about feeling safe. Luca said, "My Mommy and Daddy kept me safe during the storm." Others expressed that there were parts of the storm that they liked. Roy told us, "It made me happy because we slept in the hallway."
We are so grateful that the damage we suffered in our town was minimal. We were happy to hear that all our children felt safe and were safe. Safe is a good feeling.

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