Meet our authors

During our summers at Imagine we usually study famous artists and their different mediums. 
We started to notice a lot of books being created at the "writing table, " and decided to expand our knowledge about books and what makes an interesting story.
We pulled the book "Library Mouse," by Daniel Kirk off the shelf. After reading it we asked the question, "are author's artists?" Most of our class agreed that indeed people who write are artists, and the medium they use is "words." 

Our first step was taking a closer look at what makes up a book. We wondered, "how does an author choose their story?

We brainstormed about all the different kinds of book genres. Deciding what the topic of our book was going to be was the most difficult part. Would it be a mystery? A non fiction book? Would it have pictures and words? Or be a picture book?

After deciding on a topic the students who could write themselves began working on their stories (with any needed assistance) and our younger students spoke their stories aloud while a teacher transcribed. 

We made a "practice" book first using only pencil before completing our final copies with color and added details. Some children chose to make books of original art, others wrote fictional stories about Halloween and fairies. One child made a book about a trip to her grandparents pool.

We had so much fun using our imaginations while creating these books. We practiced our reading and writing skills while developing our understanding of story telling. We reviewed letter recognition and letter sounds and now we have sweet summer keep sakes to take home.

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