Art is.....


We have been reading so many awesome books this summer about lots of different artists. We have also been having great conversations about art. We asked the questions,  "what is art?", "why do we make art?", and " what is an artist?".  We all agreed that art is (mostly) "beautiful", much of the time "colorful" and that art is made "to make the world beautiful".  Hopefully the books we are reading this summer and the art we are doing is going to keep the wheels of thought turning on this subject. "Art" is a big subject with many different avenues to explore.

This week we set up two different provocations. The first one was simply a bottle with flowers from our garden. Our older kids are very used to this type of activity and they easily went to work trying to capture the flowers likeness. 

For our younger friends we made a "still life" that consisted of only simple lines and circles of different lengths, and sizes. This was a first drawing activity that all seemed to easily master. 

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