Painting big, painting bright

Summer is a great time to relax a bit. We like to spend the time learning about our art materials and exploring color, texture and shape. Learning to hold the brush so it does what we want and understanding how just a few colors can make so many more colors are important first steps, not to mention fun! 

We started out with a large piece of butcher block paper. We set out yellow and red paint and different size paint brushes. The children had plenty of room to use their bodies to paint big and to paint small.  They quickly observed that red and yellow make orange, that smaller brushes make finer lines and that if you keep painting in the same spot the paper will rip. It's always interesting to see a new group of children exploring these simple material. What looks only like random color on paper is a whole world of new discovery.

The next day we used yellow and blue and the next blue and red. Each child was given the opportunity to explore for as little or as much as they felt inspired to do so. 

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