Decorations and so much more

The weeks leading up to graduation always go by swiftly . Our classroom is busy with all things graduation related. We have many group discussions about what it means to graduate, who is graduating and what it all means for our younger friends who will soon be assuming the tittle "senior" . Kindergarten is on the minds of our present seniors and we try to help make the transition smooth by keeping the conversations flowing. 

Besides all of our mental preparations we have a lot of practical stuff to get done too. Creating decorations for our graduation ceremony is one of the ways we involve the children . Helping the children feel a part of this upcoming event, letting them have and feel ownership over it is all part of our process.

As with most things we do at Imagine we try to make connections. Decorations aren't just decorations, they are colors, primary, secondary and tertiary. They are conversations about rainbows, rain, sun and weather. There are fine motor skills to be honed, counting skills to be practiced.

What looks like just decorations are in fact multidimensional activities rich with meaning.

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