Simple machines

One day recently we noticed the children lining the wooden blocks up and pushing them down domino style. We thought it was a a great time to introduce real dominoes to the class. 
Everyone had a great time setting them up and then watching them fall. 

Dominoes are considered a lever which is a "simple machine". We got some books from the library and set out to learn more about other simple machines.
We learned that ramps are also simple machines. 

We have all these different sized tubes in our resource room just waiting for an opportunity like this. The children experimented will different angles and soon figured out that the higher one end is the faster the object will go. 

We also provided toilet and paper towel tubes and tape and some of our friends built marble rolls. 

In our studio we set up a provocation that invited the children to create ramps. 
What a great time we had exploring cause and effect and gravity. 

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